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Redressing Violations of International Law: the role of non-State actors in relation to Education

22nd May 2013

The role of non-State actors is of great importance in areas affected by insecurity and conflict, where the rule of law may be very much at risk or likely not even upheld at all. The international law obligations of non-State actors is an evolving area of the law, and a number of current crisis situations highlight the need for a discussion on the obligations of non-State actors to respond to the education-related violations resulting from their actions. One can cite the actual situation in Mali, where non-State actors have closed schools and forced students to move or the issues faced by students and education staff in Syria, where schools have been used as bases by the rebels. Malala Yousafzai, an education activist in Pakistan, was directly targeted by non-State actors when she was shot last October by Taliban gunmen.

The British Institute of International and Comparative Law is organising this event as part of its research on the Law and Practice of Reparations for Education-related Violations.

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