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Sustainable Development in World Investment Law

7th May 2011

An International Legal Experts Seminar & Book Launch Reception

International investment law is evolving rapidly, with the negotiation of over 2,700 international investment agreements and a growing number of arbitrations. The European Union is committed to sustainable development, and has just recently gained jurisdiction over investment law, which may lead to new investment treaty negotiations with partner countries. Several new legal research initiatives are also being launched. What are the next steps for sustainable development in investment treaties, in arbitrations, and in other international regimes? What is new in this field, at key areas of overlap? What legal research is overdone, and what more is needed? What are the challenges and opportunities?

Through three legal experts panels, and a roundtable of leading figures in investment law, practitioners and scholars will discuss new developments and directions for investment treaty practice and jurisprudence, and identify key areas for a future legal research agenda for sustainable development and investment law. The event will close with a Book Launch Reception for MC Cordonier Segger, M Gehring & A Newcombe (eds.), Sustainable Development in World Investment Law (Kluwer Law International, 2010), to which Seminar speakers and participants contributed.

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