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Trinity Term Seminar Series

In association with the University of Oxford Programme on the Changing Character of War (CCW)

27th April 2010

Tuesdays, 1.00-2.30pm

Venue: Seminar Room G, Manor Road Building

All Seminars are free and open to all and no registration is required. A light sandwich lunch will be served.

27 April Prof William Schabas (National University of Ireland)

'The Review Conference of the Rome Statute: Amending the Statute and Taking Stock of the Court'

4 May Captain William Park (U.S. Navy Hudson Fellow, CCW Visiting Fellow)

'The Mafia and the Mullah: Counternarcotics, Counterinsurgency and Realpolitik in Afghanistan'

11 May Prof Derek Jinks (U.S. Naval War College)

'Armed Groups and the "Direct Participation in Hostilities" Standard'

18 May Prof Robert Patman (Otago, NZ)

'Strategic Shortfall: The Somalia Syndrome and the March to 9/11'

25 May Prof Toni Erskine (Aberystwyth University)

'Kicking Bodies and Damning Souls: The Danger of Harming "Innocent" Individuals While Punishing "Delinquent" States'

1 June Prof Clive Jones (Nottingham)

'Intelligence and the Dhofar Campaign'

8 June Prof Jane Stromseth (Georgetown University)

'Do International Criminal Courts Strengthen Justice on the Ground in Post-Conflict Societies?'

13 June TBC


Details of all of our events are regularly updated on our website at or email Missed a seminar? Visit our audio podcasts site at


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