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24th March 2010

Joint Event with the Food Law Group

The development of food information legislation to be transposed directly into the laws of Member States of the European Union raises important issues for food lawyers.
By the date of the meeting, it is expected that the text of the proposed Food Information Regulation will have been considered and voted on by the Environment Committee of the European Parliament, and this event will provide an excellent opportunity to focus on the issues that will affect the food industry and consumers in the EU for the foreseeable future.

In particular tackling nutrition and diet issues, as well as clear communication of significant food information, will have the highest priority and lead to major changes in the presentation of food labels and communications through advertising and other channels. For lawyers in this field some of the most important questions are:-

• What are the most significant issues?
• How will consumers, regulators and food producers be affected?
• How is legislative process working?
• When will the rules come into effect?

The seminar with a panel of eminent speakers will cover these and other questions in order to illuminate and develop the progress of this aspect of food law.

Please click here for a copy of the programme

This will be followed by a dinner with our distinguished guests. The cost to attend the dinner for individual members is £85.

This is an invitation only event.

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