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Perspectives on Causation

22nd June 2009

This event follows several landmark decisions concerning the law of causation in the UK over the last few years, as well as significant developments in Canada, Commonwealth countries and the United States. It is generously sponsored by the Clark Foundation for Legal Education (primary sponsor), the Society of Legal Scholars, the London Chambers of Four New Square and the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency. "Perspectives on Causation" will attempt to examine the way in which legal doctrine in causation should develop over the next few years in the United Kingdom, and how British law should seek to influence and be influenced by developments in other countries. It will serve as a focal point for the study of this important area of law, and Hart Publishing, Oxford, the prestigious law publishing house, has agreed in principle to publish the conference papers after the event.

The conference is targeted at legal academics, policy makers in the field, specialist legal practitioners, those in the pharmaceutical and bioscience sectors, physicians and scientists.

A truly international group of speakers have agreed to present papers, which will explore the problems of causation from three linked perspectives:

  • Doctrinal Law
  • Scientific Evidence
  • Legal Theory

Please click here for the flyer or visit for more information.


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