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Global Merger Control conference

17th February 2009

The cross-border nature, frequent exposure to emerging markets and current uncertain economic climate mean that merger transactions can no longer be treated as a box-ticking exercise. At the EU level alone, the past year has seen several key developments, including the Commission's overhaul of the jurisdictional rules and practice, publication of the consolidated jurisdictional notice, new guidelines for the assessment of vertical and conglomerate mergers, high-profile cases like Sony/BMG and Tom Tom/Tele Atlas - and the first instances of merger control litigation.

Internationally, China's Anti-Monopoly Law and onerous proposed regulations in India also make it essential that you have the information you need to direct the timing and outcome of your deals. Against this backdrop, strategic merger control analysis and substantive assessment, adoption of a coordinated filing strategy, comprehensive review process timetable in order to ensure merger clearance, thorough economic analysis - and taking calculated risks when managing merger timelines are crucial.

With this in mind, C5 has developed Merger Control in the EU & Emerging Markets, designed to help you navigate key changes in European, Asian and the Americas' merger control regimes. Meet an unparalleled faculty of leading in-house lawyers and competition specialists who have hands on experience with some of the most high-profile merger cases of recent years, including Nokia/Navteq, Tom Tom/Tele Atlas, EON/ENEDSA and many more.

Get the latest information on the pertinent state of the law and navigate the key issues shaping this complex and fast moving area including:

  • Notification procedures and thresholds for filings in China following the new antitrust laws
  • Positioning your merger in light of increasing national protectionism as evidenced in Lloyds/HBOS and EDF
  • Current enforcement priorities and approaches being taken by competition regulators
  • Best practices for managing your timelines in complex, multi-jurisdictional mergers
  • Key tactical decisions impacting on international notification procedures
  • Managing Phase I and Phase II proceedings and outcomes
  • Key developments in behavioral and structural remedies to competition concerns
  • Discussion and review of vertical, conglomerate and horizontal mergers

Join your peers at the only event to address both the substantive and procedural issues relating to a merger in a multiple jurisdictional environment - and deal with the latest developments in both the EU and key economies globally. You will benefit not only from the information imparted by the speakers, but from regulator perspectives and an interactive approach that encourages Q&A from all participants throughout the entire programme. Real problems will be discussed and detailed and immensely practical solutions will be presented.

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