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Data Protection

27th January 2009

After your people, data is your company's most valuable asset. Therefore protecting it, monitoring it, and ensuring you maximise its value for business advantage is of paramount important to your company.

The problem is that the sheer volume of data is increasing by the day. Not only this, but the form this data takes, the means of accessing it, and the expectations of your data management and protection capabilities are increasing too.

In a globalised environment you are transferring data across a number of jurisdictions, each with their own laws, regulations & information cultures. How do you manage it all? How do you ensure you deliver maximum value?

The Lawyer's 2nd annual conference on Data Protection will give you practical information on how you can do just that - through a series of case studies, workshops, panel discussions, round table debates and presentations from leading corporates and government agencies

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Two Day Conference, 27th & 28th January 2009
Masterclass, 29th January 2009


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