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Cartel Risk

11th December 2008

Why attend this conference?
In August the OFT dramatically charged four British Airways officials with criminal cartel offences over price fixing fuel surcharges with Virgin Atlantic. Nothing highlights more clearly how draconian the consequences of cartel activity can be. And although Ian Norris may have avoided extradition on this occasion, anyone found guilty of cartel offences since the introduction of the Enterprise Act may not be so lucky.
This conference promises to provide expert insights from leading competition law specialists who have been at the coalface of cartel proceedings. We are particularly delighted to welcome James Flynn QC from Brick Court Chambers who will be sharing his thoughts on the repercussions of the Norris case. You will also have an opportunity to question the European Commission direct on their cartel enforcement policy and how you can minimise your exposure to cartel risk.
Come along to rub shoulders and share experiences with fellow European in-house counsel and debate the following burning questions:
• What are the current enforcement dynamics at European and national level?
• How can you maximise your chances of leniency under the EU and national regimes?
• What are the potential liabilities of parent companies?
• When, if ever, can you claim privilege in a dawn raid?
• How do you respect privacy and data protection rules when responding to requests for information?

and legal framework enabling you to gain insights into:
• Current and future competition policy - the EC's latest policy developments
• Cross border cartels and co-operation between Member States
• Tactics behind leniency trends and new funding guidelines
• Factors to take into account in settlement negotiations in the
UK and EU
• The drivers behind the current record fines and penalties
• Extradition - the position post Norris and the marine hoses decision
• Complexities of multi-jurisdictional cartel investigations
• Overcoming the privilege pitfalls and perils for in-house counsel
• Identifying rogue employees and the challenge of respecting privacy and data protection regulations


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