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After Lisbon - Opprobrium or Opportunity?

Rapid Response Briefing

1st July 2008

This Rapid Response Briefing seeks to take a dispassionate look at the Lisbon Treaty which has just been rejected in the Irish Referendum. We aim to identify those parts of the Lisbon Treaty which could be pursued without ratification. As the Treaty is billed as a 'tidying up' exercise, many of its elements could possibly be achieved without needing Treaty ratification. It is a fact, noted by many, that post-accession matters have been running acceptably, and legislation has not encountered any greater difficulty in going through as member states are mostly aware of the need to reach consensus.

  • Would accession of the EU to the ECHR not be possible without the Treaty provision?
  • Do we need supremacy in a Declaration?
  • Will the ability to move on QMV and co-decision have as significant an impact as previously thought?

Solicitors and barristers may claim 2 CPD hours through attendance at this event.

Student places are limited for this event.


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