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Innovation in Life Sciences

25th September 2008


  • Innovation in Science: What Innovative Research is and how it is Produced - the View from the Lab Bench
  • The Regulatory Response to Innovation: Policy Issues for Innovation Compared to Traditional Drugs
  • Industry and Innovation: Challenges for Industry
  • Using the Advanced Therapies Regulations to Facilitate Innovation
  • IP Challenges and Issues with Innovative Products and Therapies - Stem Cells Example
  • EU/US Comparison of Institutional Shifts in Regulators Necessary to Regulate Global Innovation and Lessons from Off-Label Use
  • The Precautionary Principle: its centrality and (mis)-Application in Regulatory Decision-Daking
  • Product Liability: Challenges to Innovation by Civil Liability Claims
  • Regulation and Liability Interplay: US Pre-emption Case Law and European Comparative Analysis
  • Socio-Political Implications: Future Policy-Making and Public Consultations

17.45 to 19.15 - Book Launch of OUP Book, The Law and Regulation of Medicines, edited by Dr Peter Feldschreiber.

This event will be followed by a dinner at The Travellers Club with the speakers and will cost £80 per person.

Please click here for a copy of the programme

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