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Torture, Lawyers and Complicity: How the Post-9/11 Abuse Began

10th June 2008

The speaker will discuss the circumstances in which Donald Rumsfeld approved new techniques for interrogation at Guantanamo in late 2002. He will argue that the decision violated international law and abandoned a long-standing American tradition of military restraint, coming from the top down, and not from the bottom up, as the US Administration claims. Finally the speaker will comment on how he believes his new book Torture Team and related articles caused the Judiciary Committee of the US House of Representatives to open hearings on the role of senior Administration lawyers in the detainee abuses that followed 9/11.

To register please e-mail, stating your name, affiliation and telephone number.

Chatham House
10 St James's Square
London SW1Y 4LE
Tel: 020 7314 3636
Fax: 020 7957 5745


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