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The Lisbon Treaty and Beyond: Hype, Hopes and Fairytales

2nd May 2008

The aim of this event is to reflect on the nature and purpose of the Lisbon Treaty: to consider how the EU has arrived at this choice after a turbulent few years planning more-or-less ambitious versions of Treaty revision, and to ask what we might expect from the institutions of the EU (political and judicial) and from actors in the Member States now that the rhetoric and - perhaps - the substance of the Constitution-making vision has been set aside. What is left today of the Hype and Hopes that surrounded Europe's aborted constitutional moment? What do we make of the cross-cutting Fairytales that surround arguments over whether the new Treaty is the same as or different from the defunct Constitution? Is the time for boldness practised by the EU institutions at an end? Or is there now is space for renewed dynamism 'from within'? Is there leadership, and should there be leadership - what should we expect of our new European Union of 27 Member States?

We have arranged a more-or-less structured programme (below) but we hope to leave as much space for discussion as possible. This will be an informal event, we promise! Lawyers and political scientists are welcome, academics, postgraduate students, policymakers are welcome - in fact all are welcome. There is no charge - but you must register in advance so we can ensure numbers attending do not challenge the laws of health, safety and sandwich provision (and so we can advise you of any late changes). So if you want to attend please e-mail your name and affiliation to (or "Reply" to this email), stating that your e-mail relates to this event on 2 May.

9h30 Tea/coffee

10h00 Opening comments/welcome plus setting the scene - Stephen Weatherill/Kalypso Nicolaidis

10h30-11h30 Presentations by Renaud Dehousse, Paul Craig, Andreas Follesdal. Chair: Ulf Bernitz. The how and why of the Lisbon Treaty in the context of the legal and political lessons to be learned from the failure of the Treaty establishing a Constitution

11h30-12h40 Reaction and Testimony by Nuno Filipe Brito (Director General for European Affairs, Lisbon) followed by Open Discussion

12h40-13h40 Buffet Lunch (provided)

13h40-15h10 Roundtable Discussion - how (if at all) the Lisbon Treaty will affect institutional momentum within the EU. Topics to be addressed include the Court, beyond the 'Constitution', institutional reform and the Presidency, defence/ security, and accountability. Planned speakers are Derrick Wyatt, Pavlos Eleftheriadis, Kalypso Nicolaidis, Anand Menon, Michael Dougan and Ola Zetterquist.

15h10-16h00 Open Debate

16h00 Concluding summary

Please remember - if you want to attend please e-mail your name and affiliation to


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