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The Future For Takeovers in the EU - Implementation of the Takeover Directive

12th May 2006

The EU Takeover Directive is due to be implemented by all Member States by May 20, 2006 at a time when 'economic nationalism' is rearing its head in the EU. This conference sets out to compare the implementation of the Directive in several Member States, focussing on the likely impact of the Directive on barriers to cross-border takeovers by EU and non-EU companies


  • The Role of the Takeover Panel under the Directive
  • German Takeover law after the Directive
  • France and the Takeover Directive
  • A view from Sweden
  • UK implementation
  • Italy: The market for corporate control and the temptation of protectionism
  • What the Takeover Directive will mean in practice

CPD hours may be claimed by both solicitors and barristers through attendance at this event.


Institute members may access papers from this event by following this link.


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