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Competition Law Forum Meeting: Competition Appeals Roundtable

10th July 2007

This is an invitation-only meeting of the Institute's Competition Law Forum.

Topics include:

1. Case law update
- Contribution to development of 81/82/c.1/c.2 CAT, courts (UK and CFI, ECJ)
- The concept of justice, the role of small complainants, and consumer welfare: striking a balance?
- Mergers since IBA...did the sky fall in?
- Different approaches in different fora: form-based or effects-based analysis?; MasterCard

2. "Role of the Specialist Court" CAT, national courts, CFI
- How did we get here? (ie on the merits jurisdiction)
- Models of review: on the merits, JR, CFI - regulators: should specialist agencies be subject to the same review as competition authorities?
- Do tribunals have policy objectives?
- Impact of appeals tribunals/courts on authority case prioritisation

3. Procedure
- Mulitplicity of proceedings
- What is an appealable decision?
- Standing to bring an appeal
- Managing CMCs, pleadings
- Use of economic evidence

Registration will take place at 10:00am. The meeting will start at 10:30am promptly.

There will be a reception for all those attending the event.


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