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‘Do War Crime Trials do more Harm than Good?’

3rd May 2007

Intuitively all defenders of human rights are in favour of war crime trials. But can the idea of an international code of criminal law survive the realpolitik of states trading insults over who has been most complicit? Will war crime trials become as familiar as ordinary criminal trials are today, or is it merely a passing liberal fad?

This event is in honour of the Centre's MSc Human Rights Alumni.

This event free to attend and will be followed by an invitation-only dinner for our Alumni.

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  • 'Understanding Women's Human Rights' short evening course

4 June - 9 July, 6-8pm, LSE

This course, running on six consecutive Monday evenings, examines the extent and depth of the international human rights law framework that guarantees the rights of women. The course is designed for civil servants, lawyers, NGO representatives, academics and those involved in both the public and private sector, and will be of particular interest to those involved in equality and discrimination law. The teachers include Professor Christine Chinkin, Phillippa Kaufmann and Professor Aileen McColgan.

There are a limited number of places available and the deadline for applications for a subsidised (half-price) place is Friday 11 May.

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  • A Bill of Rights: Do we need one or do we already have one?

2 March, University of Durham

Text of the Irvine Human Rights Lecture 2007, given by Professorial Research Fellow Francesca Klug

PDF of speech

Click here for more information.


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