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Business Risk in Law Firms 2007

3rd Annual Business Risk Conference

22nd March 2007

Taking risk management to the next level

Best practice in regulatory affairs, operational strategy and quality assessment

With an ever-heightened awareness of risk in modern legal practice, risk management cannot stay stagnant: Your strategy needs to be constantly monitored, reviewed and enhanced if you want to keep up with the external environment evolving around you.

This 3rd annual conference, written specifically with risk partners and professionals in mind, combines perspectives from the leading players in risk management with those working in quality assessment, regulatory affairs and operational strategy to focus on the specific challenges faced in the management of risk in private practice.

The format of 2007 goes beyond panel discussion and networking: Presenters will examine in detail ways to identify, measure, and manage the most important risks that are faced by today's modern law firm.

The event interprets the concept of risk in a broad sense, to embrace not only the identification and control of the legal market risks and operational hazards, but also reputational, political and technological risks. Its core theme is the need for more systematic risk assessment and management in order to take risk management in the legal profession to the next level.

What is different about this conference?

  • It boasts a keynote address from the Chief Executive of the newly-formed Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA)
  • It goes beyond the basics: You will get straight to the core of specific topics to uncover solutions that will help in your day-to-day role
  • It showcases multiple case studies from innovative firms, thus giving you access to even more practical information

At a time when the legal market is entering uncharted waters, this conference tackles the problems faced by risk partners and professionals head-on

This year's conference tackles specific topics in-depth:

  • Bridging the gaps between knowledge management and risk
  • Complying with code of conduct, conflicts of interest & money laundering regulations
  • Analysing the best practice in minimising e-risks
  • Applying risk standards and practices across international offices
  • Training lawyers to deal with risk and embed risk-conscious thinking into the culture

Strengthening links between knowledge and risk management

As part of the conference, a special bespoke masterclass has been designed to give you the tools to piece your risk jigsaw together!

Focussing on how to strengthen internal collaboration and communication, and raise lawyers' awareness of the risks that they face each day, this session will explore the benefits of harnessing the knowledge and using it to inform a risk strategy in the best way. It will explore the practical aspects of persuading your lawyers to think and manage risk in order to ensure compliance, meet client expectations, and obtain a competitive advantage.

Who should attend?

This conference is the most detailed, practical and relevant exploration of the strategic business risk issues affecting law firms in 2007. All Partners and professionals with responsibility for risk strategy, operations, compliance, quality and professional indemnity will benefit from attendance, including:

  • Risk Management Partners
  • Heads of Risk
  • Chief Operating Officers
  • Heads of Compliance
  • Head of Business Continuity

We look forward to welcoming you to the 3rd Annual Business Risk Conference!

Click here to view the conference programme.

Register now by booking online or downloading the booking form above and faxing it to +(0)20 7970 4799 or call +44 (0)20 7970 4770 or email
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