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Cross Border Abuse: Investigations and Protection?

12th December 2006

The speakers in this seminar will address (a) recent developments in international criminal cooperation, including UK, EU and EU/US developments; (b) the logistical and cultural challenges of managing multi-jurisdictional forensic investigations; and (c) the position of corporations facing cross-border investigations, particularly involving emerging market trading. Recent cases considered by the panel will include the 'Natwest Three' and the 'Oil for food' litigation.

This seminar is being co-organized and co-sponsored by Omni Bridgeway.

2 CPD hours may be claimed by both solicitors and barristers through attendance at this event.

This seminar is part of the Institute's seminar series State Jurisdiction in a Global Environment: Rethinking Extraterritoriality. The series aims to shed a modern light on this age-old discussion about States' prerogative to regulate conduct taking place outside their territory and the constraints imposed by international law. Focusing on recent developments in areas such as competition law, human rights, criminal law, financial and corporate law, investment law, internet law, each lecture will address one specific instance of extraterritorial application and enforcement of laws, the challenges that such application/enforcement raise and the possible mechanisms that may be put in place to meet such challenges. The series will continue throughout 2007.

This series is kindly being sponsored by

This event is free to Institute Members. However, we ask that both members and non-members to register for this event to avoid disappointment. If you are not a member of the British Institute of International and Comparative Law, the attendance fee includes a year's membership to the Institute.

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