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Visiting Speaker Seminar: "Refugee Solutions or Solutions to Refugeehood"

17th October 2006

Much current official rhetoric emphasizes the primacy of finding "durable solutions" to refugeehood, in particular by vigorous promotion of "voluntary repatriation." This seminar questions the soundness of that approach. In particular, it will be suggested that the goal of refugee law is not to pathologise refugeehood and hence single-mindedly to pursue means of "curing" that status. To the contrary, refugee law exists precisely in order to ensure that refugees enjoy true dignity and quality of life for as long as it takes them to decide for themselves how best to cope, to respond, and to rebuild their lives.

This seminar is jointly sponsored by the Heythrop Institute for Religion, Ethics & Public Life, the Centre for the Study of Human Rights, LSE, and the Jesuit Refugee Service (UK), to mark the 25th anniversary of JRS.

This event is free and open to all, with no ticket or pre-registration required. You are advised to arrive early in order to maximise your chances of gaining entry to the event.

Diary Date: Tuesday 24 October, 6.30pm. 'Human Rights in the 21st
Century: the case of China'

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