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State Aid Reform

6th November 2006

Day One (Half Day) Optional:
Foundations in State Aid Law

  • Article 87:What is and what is not a State aid?
  • Article 88:What are the procedures? What are the consequences of not following them?
  • Challenging decisions before the European Courts
  • Review of recent decisions of the Commission
  • Review of recent decisions of the Courts
  • State Aid Action Plan

Day Two State Aid Reform: Advanced Review of Recent Developments

  • Where do we stand? Status of the State Aid Action Plan
  • What constitutes State Aid?
  • The New Exemption Regulation for National Regional Investment Aid
  • Rescue and Restructuring
  • Privatisation and State Aid
  • Application of State Aid in the Media Sector
  • State Aid and General Taxation
  • Recent case law on application of Article 88(3)
  • Enforcement

Why You Should Attend

State Aid Control has become a powerful enforcement mechanism under which [alleged] aid measures are frequently the subject of bitter disputes. It is now one of the most active fields of contentious law in the European Community. Moreover, Commissioner Kroes has announced major changes to most of the rules governing State Aid. The State Aid Action Plan covers such areas as "public services", R&D, risk capital, economic analysis, regional aid, various block exemptions etc. State Aid affects not only central, regional and local governments who give aid, in whatever form, and those who receive aid and may have to repay, but also competitors who are disadvantaged and who may have claims for an injunction or damages before a national court.

All those who are in a position of offering advice must know the obligations and the rights and remedies as well as the wide ranging modernisation plans relating to giving and receipt of State aid in order to avoid unwelcome surprises.

As part of their successful European Law Series IBC have arranged this optional one or one and a half day conference with speakers from the Commission and private practice to look at the law and case law as it is and offer advice.

By popular request we are running an optional half day intensive seminar 'Foundations in State Aid Law' on the preceding afternoon which aims to lay the foundations to State aid law and outline the key concepts for those who might be new to State aid or who wish to have a more thorough grounding in the principles.

For more information and to register please see the event website.


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