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The Legal Implications of Business Conduct in Europe and Beyond: Risks and Rights

18th October 2006

This conference is designed to provide a forum for discussion of the rapidly-changing legal landscape in Europe and elsewhere, including the availability and desirability of remedies for injuries to businesses and individuals. Areas of focus will include competition; securities; product and drug liability; and consumer, environmental and
human rights. The conference will offer both claimant and defendant perspectives. The participants will include regulators; judges; business leaders; in-house counsel; private lawyers; consumer, environmental and human rights advocates; and institutional investors. The conference will focus on the practicalities of these issues for both non-lawyers and lawyers, and will include lectures by high profile speakers and panel discussions.

This event is being organized by:

  • British Institute of International and Comparative Law
  • Global LegalAlliance
  • Cohen, Milstein, Hausfeld & Toll, P.L.L.
  • Pardo Boulanger & Associates

Attendance to this event is by invitation only; for more information please visit the conference website.


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