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Security and International Law

20th April 2012

International Law Association (British Branch) Annual Spring Conference 2012
Hosted by the University of Nottingham School of Law

Of the many challenges that society faces today, possibly none is more acute than the security of ordinary citizens when faced with a variety of natural or man-made disasters arising from climate and geological catastrophes, including the depletion of natural resources, environmental degradation, food shortages, terrorism, breaches of personal security and human security, or even the global economic crisis. States too are faced with a range of security issues arising from contested territorial spaces, military and maritime security and security threats relating to energy, infrastructure and the delivery of essential services. The Conference theme encompasses issues of human, political, military, socio-economic, environmental and energy security and raises two questions. To what extent can international law address the types of natural and man-made security risks and challenges that threaten our livelihood, or very existence, in the 21st Century? Where does international law fall short in meeting the problems that arise in different situations of insecurity and how should such shortcomings be addressed?

Programme Committee: Professor Mary Footer (Chair), Professor Nigel White, Professor Dino Kritsiotis, Mr Sandesh Sivakumaran, Mr Michael Bowman, Dr Marko Milanovic, Dr Edward Goodwin, Ms Sangeeta Shah and Professor Robert McCorquodale.

The Conference will consist of a mix of plenary sessions and one plenary panel together with parallel sessions of concurrent panels. The provisional Conference programme appears below.
If you would like to attend, please register using the registration form in the separate link provided.
The Conference is generously sponsored by Volterra Fietta, Oxford University Press, Cambridge University Press, Hart Publishing and Edward Elgar Publishing.

Further event details and the event programme can be downloaded here.


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