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CALL FOR PAPERS: Deadline: 2 March 2009

2nd July 2009


CALL FOR PAPERS: Deadline: 2 March 2009

'What a way to run the world - global institutions are an outdated muddle….
instead of trying to bin them, focus on making them work well'
The Economist (3 July 2008)

The 17th Annual Conference of the Australian and New Zealand Society of International Law ('ANZSIL') will take place from Thursday 2 July to Saturday 4 July 2009 at the Law School, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand, hosted by the New Zealand Centre for Public Law.

In this important meeting, ANZSIL will bring together leading scholars and practitioners of international law, as well as Australasian lawyers working in a range of multilateral institutions, to debate the theory and practice of multilateralism, and its future. Issues include:
• What do we want out of multilateral and regional institutions?
• Does international law really serve the interests of plural societies?
• Are multilateral institutions representative of the voices that need to be heard?
• Are the methods of international law suited to 21st century governance?
• How can they be reformed?

Accordingly, the Conference Organising Committee now calls for proposals for papers to be presented at the 17th Annual Conference. Special consideration will be given to proposals which seek to develop the Conference theme either generally or in one of the following five areas:
(1) Peace: can the UN's global project for peace and human rights be renewed?
(2) Biosphere: Governance of the oceans, the global commons and climate - can international law hope to provide responses to the world's most complex challenges?
(3) Dispute resolution: What is needed to make dispute settlement across the Public/ Private International Law divide work better?
(4) Crime and reconciliation: Prosecuting international crimes in post-conflict societies
(5) Economy: The adequacy of the international financial and trading systems in market melt-down.

A one page abstract and one page curriculum vitae should be submitted to the Organising Committee (which is chaired by Professor Campbell McLachlan QC) by Monday 2 March 2009 by e-mail to the conference administrator (Kelley McMenamin) at: (tel: +64 4 463 6327).

Postgraduate students and those wishing to present their postgraduate thesis work are encouraged to submit their proposals to the same e-mail address by the same date (marked 'PG Workshop') for presentation at the Postgraduate Workshop (which will be coordinated by Amokura Kawharu and held the day before the Conference on Wednesday 1 July 2009).


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