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The Regulatory State: Constitutional Implications

14th November 2008

Details of our conference can be found at

We are holding the conference in association with UCL and with Clifford Chance LLP - who are hosting the sessions in their spectacular offices in Canary Wharf. Blackstone Chambers are providing welcome financial support.

We have an excellent line up of speakers from the UK, the USA, Germany, Ireland and Italy, both academics and practitioners. We expect the conference to appeal to academics and practitioners (law firms, regulators, regulated bodies, government lawyers and others) in the UK, the EU and abroad. The topics include politics and regulation, regulatory rule making, regulation and the EU, regulatory judicial review, sanctions and reform.

The conference in being held under the auspices of our parent body, the International Association of Constitutional Law. Some 25 members of their Executive Committee will attend the conference. (The twice yearly meeting of the committee will take place after the conference.)

There is also a document containing information about hotels and public transport for participants on the UCL Laws / CLG website.


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