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AsianSIL Young Scholars Workshop

10th September 2008

The National University of Singapore (NUS) and the Asian Society of International Law (AsianSIL) are pleased to invite applications to attend the inaugural Asian Society of International Law Young Scholars Workshop. The workshop will be held at NUS in Singapore from 10-12 September 2008. Paper-givers who are selected through a competitive process will have their reasonable expenses covered.

The workshop builds on the historic creation of AsianSIL in 2007 and is intended to cultivate the next generation of international legal scholars. This may include doctoral students and younger academics, as well as exceptional masters students. Young legal professionals with an interest in scholarship are also encouraged to apply.

The intention is for presenters to offer drafts of works in progress that can benefit from constructive criticism in a supportive and collegial environment. Each participant will present his or her own paper and comment on that of another.

Proposals from young scholars and professionals across the region are encouraged on any topic linked to international law, but particularly focusing on the "problems and prospects of a just world ordered under law". Subject areas might include (a) History and Theory of International Law, (b) Law of Armed Conflict (IHL), (c) International Organizations, (d) Dispute Settlement, (e) Law of the Sea, (f) Law of Environment, (g) Human Rights, (h) International Criminal Law, (i) Law of Development, (j) International Economic Law, (k) Private International Law (Conflict of Laws).

Proposals should be submitted on the Abstract Submission Form which is attached with this announcement.

Please ensure that you include an abstract of not more than 250 words, indicating the relationship of the proposed paper to the conference theme of "problems and prospects" and identifying one or more of the subject areas listed above to which the paper relates.

Completed forms must be emailed to by 31 March 2008. Those selected to participate in the workshop will be notified by 14 April 2008. Participation will be contingent on producing a draft of the paper (in the order of 8,000 words) by 31 July 2008.


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