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WTO Scholars' Forum: 'Chinese Views on Modern Marco Polos: New Foreign Trade Amendments after WTO Ac

4th May 2007

Heng Wang is currently a lecturer in Economic and Trade Law in China's prestigious Southwest University of Political Science and Law (SWUPL), after graduating with the highest ever LLM grade in 2003. He is an expert in WTO law, Chinese Law and International Law. He is Deputy Director of the Center for International Investment and Finance at SWUPL and has acted as the leading expert on the Canada-China WTO Capacity Building Programme co-sponsored by the Chinese and Canadian governments and the Chinese Ministry of Education's project on 'Chinese Rules of Origin for Services in GATS.' He has published a number of articles on the relationship between Chinese law and the WTO in the field of GATS generally, and then more specifically on aspects of GATS and competition, financial regulation and banking law. His most recent work is published in the Cornell Journal of International Law. Heng has spoken to both the WTO Secretariat and over 20 institutions including LSE, Northwestern University School of Law and University of Paris I.

The WTO Scholars' Forum is a
new initiative designed to bring together experts from both academia
and legal practice to discuss current aspects of the law and
practice of the World Trade Organization (WTO). Currently there are
many academics and practitioners who have an interest in WTO law and
several events organised both in London and outside. However, there
is little year-long sustained activity which capitalizes on all the
interest and knowledge. The WTO Scholars' Forum hopes to draw
together all this expertise by holding a series of activities. The
Forum is also open to PhD students and it encourages them attend the
activities and give papers as part of the seminar series.

To register free of charge please contact Forum administrator, Ann


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