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Project Description

Focus on Collective Redress

In 2012 BIICL was awarded a grant by the European Commission (JUST/2011-2012/JCIV/AG/3398) to conduct a study on collective redress mechanisms in different EU Member States.

There is currently no common procedure for collective redress across Europe. In national laws, however, there is a range of civil procedure mechanisms aiming to group together similar claims arising from a single or from closely related wrongful act(s) or from unfair business practices in a single proceeding to enable more efficient resolution and compensation for the victims.

The aim of the project is to develop comprehensive research and discussion output on Collective redress across Europe, emphasizing cross-national comparisons, underlining issues of commonality and difference. Through the establishment of the European Network on Collective Redress we will involve academics, practitioners, policy-makers, litigation funders, consumers and SME representative bodies and all others with an interest in the area. The planned research and its results will serve not only as a practical tool to be considered and applied by these external agents and especially by practitioners, but also by European legislatures seeking to develop appropriate laws on collective redress. The Annual Meetings and the Seminar Series will serve as meeting points for experts coming from different legal backgrounds providing an exciting debate on the subject-matter. It also expected that a publication on Collective Redress across Europe will integrate the latest developments in this area. Nevertheless the most innovative tool may be the dedicated website which will provide, on an open access basis, information on, and links to, research, publications, legislation and judgments in the European Union and Member States. This unique resource will support and inform the interested parties, practitioners, policy-makers, litigation funders, consumers and SME representative bodies, etc., in gaining access to relevant materials.


Merricks v Mastercard Inc : Collective Actions Re-invigorated

Merricks v Mastercard Inc : Collective Actions Re-invigorated...


BIICL collaboration with German Funder on Collective Redress Project

BIICL has recently worked with the German public body, the Gesellschaft fur internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) on a collective redress project....